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Claire McCahan

2024 Student Auditions

April 13 & 14, 2024

University of Wyoming

CO-WY NATS Members:

Check your email for official information about the 2024 CO-WY NATS Chapter Student Auditions from our Auditions Chair, Tessa Espinosa.
You can now log into your account at, scroll down the Members Home page, and click the green "AuditionNow" button for all pertinent documents, information, and registration.
Forgot to renew your NATS membership, or not yet a member? Visit our Member Resources page for the link to renew or join.


Need hard copies of the 2024 Student Audition forms? Look no further!

Electronic forms can be found on the

NATS website in "AuditionNow."

University of Northern Colorado

Colorado Mesa University

Virtual Auditions

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